Wedding, Engagements, Birthdays, Events

Weddings & Engagements

Will you accept this booth? I will.

It has become a wedding staple. No wedding is complete these days without the addition of a photo booth. We have a range of booths to suit any venue, theme and style.

Our Vintage Caravans are perfect for wineries, wedding festivals. marquee weddings and those on private properties whilst our Open Air Booth is extremely popular for literally any indoor or undercover space. GIF's are now on the rise, so watch out for these at upcoming weddings too!

It's a no brainer really, so if you're after a little style and some contagious fun for you and all your guests, you know what to do!


Hip Hip Hooray.

Every milestone must be celebrated in a big way. Life's too short to hide and let the years pass you by. Whether it be your childs 1st birthday and you need to celebrate the sheer fact you made it through alive or it's time to party with your nearest and dearest for an all important 18th, 21st, 30th or beyond - we have a booth to suit every crowd!

Don't let your birthday pass you by this year without capturing the memories in one of our fabulous booths.

Christmas Parties

Ho. Ho. Ho.

The silly season gets us every year whether we'd  like to admit it or not. You're booked out every single weekend and you can't even find time to do your shopping let alone plan what to wear for this years Christmas Party! Don't even start me on Christmas carols...

Everyone's had a huge year and what better way to celebrate by letting you hair down and getting up to some mischief in one of our photo booths?! Get in the spirit with our festive props and make the booth the highlight of the night. What happens in the booth stays in the booth, right?!

Don't be a barhumbug and leave booking a booth to the last minute, December is off the hook for us and we'd hate for you to miss out!

School Functions

  • Graduations
  • Formals
  • Debutante Balls
  • Muck Up Day
  • School Sports Carnivals
  • Fairs and Fetes
  • University Open Days
  • School Discos

You're at school for so many years, the least they can do is throw you a few pretty rad parties along the way huh?! The possibilities are endless when it comes to photo booths and school functions,  each booth being as popular as the next. The Cubby Booth is a hit with the younger kids at fairs and fetes, whilst the Open Air Booth and Caravans cater to the older students and a variety of occasions. Don't forget our GIF and Social Booths are the perfect marketing tool for uni open days!

Community and Public Events

  • Race Days
  • Family Fun Days
  • Fundraisers
  • Festivals
  • Youth Programs
  • Field Days
  • Open Days

What a feeling to rally with your neighbours and be involved within your community. There are so many wonderful events out there to be a part of and we love it too! Get out there, see what's on offer, what's worth celebrating and have some photobooth fun while you're at it. Photo booths are a great ice breaker and the prefect way to advertise and raise awareness.


Business & Corporate

  • Business Activations
  • Awards Nights
  • Conferences
  • Staff Training Programs
  • Business or Product Launches
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Digital Marketing

Photo booths are on the rise for business related events and make for the perfect marketing tool. Some times getting down to business can be flat out boring but that's where we come in, to up the anti. Our data analytics can help to increase your database and ensure your target audience is reached.

We can customise a corporate package to suit your event, so hit us up and we'll pop our thinking caps on!